The Mountain View Boys Lacrosse Club has a very large operating budget due to the size of the club. The majority of the budget is funded through player dues, but to help prevent players from not playing due to costs, fundraising and sponsorships are needed to help cover the remainder of the budget. Every participant of this club is needed to help run the labor intensive fundraisers. We need parents for supervision of the athletes during the events, but mostly they are worked by the athletes.

Currently the club participates in the Boise Open- 43 participants are needed, The Fit One Race- 28 participants are needed and the Snap Raise crowd funding event. The Boise Open and Fit One events allow each player the ability to earn money individually and put that money towards their Spring dues. We have also implemented the Snap Raise crowd funding fundraiser as a way for extended friends and family members to support their athletes. Each athlete will participate in this fundraiser as well.