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2017 D1 Varsity

         IHSLL STATE D1 Champions 

        17 wins, 3 losses overall

        13-0 in conference


         Head Coach- Alan Morgan

         Offensive Player- Michael Vance,  Ryan Henning, Casey Davies

         Defensive Player- Joey Elwell

         Mr. Hustle- Kyle Johnson

         Most Improved- Jackson Scott

         Rookie of the year- Seth Hutchinson

         Sportsmanship- Jake Buss


        US Lacrosse All American- Junior Ryan Henning,  Bob Scott Award- Senior Jake Buss

        D1 All State Honors- 1st Team- Jake Buss/midfield, Ryan Henning/Attack, Casey Davies/Attack,

        Joey Elwell/Defender, Jackson Rice/Face Off, Cade Brown/Goalie

        2nd Team- Michael Vance/Attack, Daniel Skelton/LSM, Mikey Guzzetti/Midfield

2017 D2 Varsity

         12 wins, 3 losses overall

        10-1 in conference

         Lost to Capital 11-12 in Semi Final   

            Head Coach- Britt Cornaby
          Offensive MVP-Chase Durham
          Defensive MVP-Parker Schmidt
          Mr. Hustle-Chase Nelson
          Most Improved-Jake Andrews
          Rookie of the Year-Cameron Cordova
          Sportsmanship- Dylan Martinez
          D2 All State Honors- 1st Team- Cole Rawdan/goalie, Dylan Martinez/Faceoff/Midfield,
          Parker Schmidt/Defender,Van Goyen/LSM, Chase Durham/Attack
          2nd Team- Jackson Bryant/Defender

2016 Varsity

         IHSLL State Runner Up- Lost to Timberline 3-10 in Final

         15 wins, 5 losses overall

         12-2 in conference 

             Coach- Alan Morgan
             Captains- Brett Carter, Brayden Holzer, Treyton Bell
             Offensive Player- Brayden Holzer
             Defensive Player- Brett Carter
             Sportsmanship- Connor Lantz
             Most Improved- Tanner Budge
             Rookie of the Year- Joey Elwell, Casey Davies
             Hustle- Kyle Johnson
             US Lacrosse All American Senior Brayden Holzer, All Academic- Senior Treyton Bell
             All-State Honors- 1st Team: Treyton Bell/Midfield, Brayden Holzer/Attack, Casey Davies/Attack
             2nd Team:Ryan Henning/Attack, Joey Elwell/Defense, Daniel Skelton/Defensive Specialist
             Honorable Mention: Brett Carter/Defense, Dallin Crawford/Defense, Caden Hansen/Face Off
             Jaden Carson/Midfield, Jake Buss/Midfield

2015 Varsity

13 wins, 4 losses overall

11-3 in conference

Lost to Eagle 11-18 in Semi-final

Coach- Alan Morgan
Captains- Brayden Holzer, Treyton Bell, Blake Garshak
Offensive Player-Treyton Bell
Defensive Player- Blake Garshak
Sportsmanship- Mikey Guzzetti
Most Improved- Michael Vance
Rookie of the Year- Dallin Crawford, Ryan Henning
Hustle- Tyler Crawford

US Lacrosse Bob Scott Award- Senior Blake Garshak
All-League Honors- 1st Team: Treyton Bell/Midfield, Tyler Crawford /Faceoff
2nd Team:Jaden Carson /Attack, Blake Garshak/Defense, Brett Carter/Defense
Honorable Mention: Zack Mackay/Defense
Bob Scott Award: Blake Garshak

2014 Varsity

Dairy Cup, TVLL and STATE D1 Varsity Champions

20 wins, 2 losses overall

17-0 in conference

Coach- Alan Morgan
Captains – Asher Wilson, Chasse Carson, Ripley Hansen
Offensive Player – Troy Vance
Defensive Player – Asher Wilson
Sportsmanship – Chayse Carson
Rookie of the Year – Kris Hollingsworth
Most Improved – Jaden Carson
Hustle – Treyton Bell
US Lacrosse All- American Senior Midfielder Josh Buss and Attack Troy Vance
All-League Honors – 1st Team: Nicholas Guzzetti/Attack, Troy Vance/Attack, Josh Buss/Midfield, Asher Wilson/Defense. Honorable Mention: Kaden Lewis/Attack, Riley Hansen/Midfield, Brian Dilworth/Defense

2013 Varsity

TVLL and STATE Champions

19 wins, 3 losses overall

13-1 in conference

Coach – Alain Rodrigue
Captains – Chayse Carson, Riley Hansen, Asher Wilson
Offensive Player – Nicholas Guzzetti/Attack
Defensive Player – Asher Wilson/Defense and Lee Shaw/Goalie
Sportsmanship – Blake Garshak/Defense
Rookie of the Year – Treyton Bell/Midfield
Most Improved – Troy Vance/Attack
Hustle – Blue/Green Award – Chayse Carson/Midfield
US Lacrosse All-American Junior Midfielder Josh Buss and Junior Attackman Nicholas Guzzetti
All-League Honors – 1st Team: Troy Vance/Attack, Nicholas Guzzetti/Attack, Josh Buss/Midfield  2nd Team: Asher Wilson/Defense, Blake Garshak/Defense  Honorable Mention: Kaden Lewis/Attack, Riley Hansen/Midfield, Lee Shaw/Goalie

2012 Varsity

12 wins, 6 losses overall

8-4 in Conference

Lost to Centennial 10 to 11 in semi-final overtime.

Coach – Alain Rodrigue
Captains – Logan Hansen, Devin Hollowell, Eric Martin
Offensive Player – Nicholas Guzzetti/Attack
Defensive Player – Devin Hollowell/Defense
Sportsmanship – Logan White/Midfield
Rookie of the Year – Troy Vance/Midfield
Most Improved – Logan Hansen/Midfield
Hustle – Blue/Green Award – Josh Buss/Midfield and Asher Wilson/Midfield
All-League Honors – 1st Team:Nicholas Guzzetti/Attack, Josh Buss/Midfield, Eric Martin/LSM  2nd Team: Devin Hollowell/Defense  Honorable Mention: Riley Hansen/Midfield

2011 Varsity

7 Wins, 6 losses

Lost to Boise 8 to 10 in the quarter-finals.

Coach – Alain Rodrigue
Captains – Jake Cecil, Andy Epperson, Gray Allen
Offensive Player – Jake Cecil/Attack
Defensive Player – Dustin Kelley/Defense
Sportsmanship – Andy Epperson/Attack
Rookie of the Year – Nich Guzzetti/Midfield
Most Improved – Eric Martin/Defense
Hustle -Blue/Green Award – Gray Allen/Midfield

 2010 Varsity

7 wins, 6 losses

Lost to Timberline in the quarter-finals 9 to 7 who went on to become State Champions.

Coach – Alain Rodrigue
Captains – Trystan Chambers, Neal Eldridge, Kevin Doty
Offensive Player – Kevin Doty/Attack
Defensive Player – Neal Eldridge/Defense
Sportsmanship – Jacob Crawford/Defense
Rookie of the Year – Eric Martin/Defense
Most Improved – Logan Gearhart/Defense
Hustle -Blue/Green Award – Zach Crawford/Midfield
All-League Honors – 1st Team: Kevin Doty/Attack, 2nd Team: Neal Eldridge/Defense, Jacob Crawford/Defense, Andy Epperson/Attack, Honorable Mention: Jacob Cecil/Attack, Brennen Connolly/FO Midfield 

 2009 Varsity

8 wins, 9 losses

Lost to Centennial in the quarter-finals.

Coach – Bradley Morris
Captains – Daniel Ryan, Jaryn Watt, Kevin Doty
Most Valuable Player – Andy Epperson/Attack
Offensive Player – Kevin Doty/Attack
Defensive Player – Jaryn Watt/Defense
Sportsmanship – Kyle Morgan/Midfield
Rookie of the Year – Zach Crawford/Midfield
Most Improved – Dustin Kelley/Goalie
Hustle – Blue/Green Award – Jacob Crawford/Defense
All-League Honors – 1st Team: Kevin Doty/Attack, 2nd Team: Jaryn Watt/Defense Honorable Mention: Daniel Ryan/Attack

2008 Varsity

7 wins, 9 losses

Lost to Centennial in the quarter-finals who went on to become State Champions.

Coach – Dan Johnston Sr
Captains – Jeremy Bradburn, Dan Johnston Jr
Most Valuable Players –
Offensive Player – Kevin Doty/Attack
Defensive Player – Dan Johnston Jr/Defense
Sportsmanship – Jeremy Bradburn/Midfield
Rookie of the Year –
Most Improved – Kyle Morgan/Midfield
Hustle – Blue/Green Award – Ryan Lindsay/Midfield
All-League Honors – 1st Team: Camden Mendiola/Defense 2nd Team: Dan Johnston/Defense  Honorable Mention: Jeremy Bradburn/Midfield, Ryan Lindsay/Midfield 

2007 Varsity

6 wins, 7 losses

Lost to Centennial in the quarter-finals who went on to become State Champions.

Coach – Tom Otte
Captains – Brandon Pollard, Brenden Hatfield
Most Valuable Player – Brandon Pollard/Midfield
Offensive Player – Brenden Hatfield/Midfield
Defensive Player – Dan Johnston Jr/Defense
Sportsmanship – Keleb Eslinger/Midfield
Rookie of the Year – Kevin Doty/Attack
Most Improved – Trystan Chambers/Midfield
Hustle -Blue/Green Award – Mike Kelsh/Defense

US Lacrosse ​All Academic Award- Brandon Pollard  
All-League Honors – 2nd Team: Brandon Pollard/Midfield, Brenden Hatfield/Midfield Honorable Mention: Dan Johnston Jr/Defense

2006 Varsity

5 wins, 8 losses

Lost to Eagle in the quarter-finals.

Coach – Brad Christensen
Most Valuable Player – Brenden Hatfield/Midfield
Sportsmanship – Brandon Pollard/Midfield
Rookie of the Year – Dennis Laursen/Midfield
Most Improved – Tyler Walker/Midfield 

2005 Varsity

3 wins, 11 losses

Lost to Eagle in the quarter-finals.

Coach – Brad Christensen 

2004 Varsity 

2 wins, 12 losses  (Mountain View’s first lacrosse season)

Coach – Brad Christensen